About Nature Stay

- Alcoholic drinks and gents group are strictly prohibited
- Advance payments are non-refundable

'Nature Stay' is a unique facility promoting the concept of Agro Tourism where guests can experience farm, nature, and rural life. It's not like a regular resort or hotel. We want our guests to enjoy nature and village life. They can wake up to the sounds of singing birds and try to find and name the colorful birds nesting around. They can pick fruits to buy and hang out with our farm workers. There are activities such as feeding domestic animals and birds. Additionally, guests can stargaze, learn about farming, enjoy bonfires, and visit the farm where the vegetables served to them are grown. They can also learn about trees and spices, among other things, as added attractions. Guests are welcome to explore nearby historical forts, temples, and beaches, all conveniently located nearby.

At "Nature Stay," you can reconnect with your roots and experience the comfort of our unique style houses. Indulge in delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian authentic Maharashtrian local meals. Food is prepared freshly in front of you on a traditional chulha, only after confirmation is obtained from the guests. Afterwards, you can simply relax on hammocks or traditional charpais, read books, or reconnect with your family and friends. To promote group activities, we provide various games like board games, wooden games, carom board, cards, and badminton. Additionally, in the evening, we offer assistance in setting up a campfire. BBQ services are available at an extra cost, creating a delightful atmosphere for guests to sing, dance, and bond together. With the abundance of experiences offered at "Nature Stay," we encourage our guests to leave behind their city entertainment tools such as TVs, loud music, liquor, and tobacco. These items are strictly prohibited within the premises. Our rooms are intentionally devoid of TV sets, and the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is strictly prohibited. We do not allow to all-male groups; "Nature Stay" is exclusively for family relaxation and recreation. We expect our guests to adhere to certain rules during their stay, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all.

Terms & Conditions:

- Guest are expected to abstain from Alcohol in rooms or outside the premises.
- Guest are expected to abstain from tobacco and or smocking etc in rooms.
- Loud noise & loud music is strictly prohibited, Light music is available.
- All houses are Rough, Raw and Clean. Don't expect like posh rooms.
- This is a Farm/Nature/ Unique stay. Not a resort.
- Maharashtrian Local Food cooked on Chulha available Only. No Snacks available nearby.
- All guests need prior booking. Booking will confirm after 100% Payment only.
- Advance payment is non refundable and non postponable in case of cancellation done in less than 10 days from the date of Check in.
- Nature Stay is a Neat & clean but it is a farm covered with trees, grass, well etc., some insects & animals are part of the farm, guest are requested to take care of self and children.
- We provide battery backup but it is Village, so guest are requested to bear with us in case of power failure.
- Nature Stay management reserves rights of admission.
- Take care of their own children’s on house and premises.
- Self Service only. No room servic.
- Check in time 11.30am.
- Check out time 10am and 4pm Strictly.
* Meal timings are fix.
- Rules are very strict but guests like it very much, if you don't accept this rules will suggest another good resorts options.